Dana Loyal Biological Discoveries

There have been many points in human history where biological discoveries have changed things significantly. Sometimes big biological discoveries change science in profound ways and it helps to move humanity forward. Take a look at some of the examples of this below. It’ll give you an idea of some of the big discoveries that have been made and why they shook things up so much. 


The theory of evolution completely changed the way that scientists look at things. After understanding that species on this planet evolve and inherit genetic traits from their ancestors, it made a lot of things make more sense. Evolution was discovered in the 1800s and humanity continues to learn more about how evolution works. It gives humanity a new perspective on how life came to be on this planet. 


Antibiotics were a complete game-changer when they were discovered back in 1928. A man named Alexander Fleming discovered that Penicillium mold spores were capable of killing bacteria that was placed on a petri dish. This led to the creation of medicines that could fight off bacterial infections. Modern medical breakthroughs can be traced back to this incredible discovery and the world wouldn’t be the same without antibiotics. 

The Structure of DNA

The discovery of the structure of DNA is another big moment in the history of science. DNA was identified in 1944 as the primary point for hereditary information. However, it wasn’t until 1952 when the first image of the double helix was found that things would start to change significantly. Come 1953, humanity had a model of the double helix and started to understand more about how DNA worked. 

Gene Therapy

It wasn’t that long ago that something as complex as gene therapy seemed like complete science fiction. In 1972, scientists started considering the possibility that gene therapy could be a way to eradicate genetic diseases. In the year 1990, this would become a reality when gene therapy clinical trials were conducted. There are still ethical questions about gene therapy today, but it’s undeniable that this breakthrough has changed science for the better.