Do you find yourself interested in the concept of forensic science? Many people find this field to be absolutely fascinating and they want to be able to learn more. There are actually quite a few good books out there that can give you a ton of information. Take a look at the following books to read about forensic science. 

Practical Homicide Investigation 

Vernon J. Geberth has written a great guide for people who are involved in homicide investigations here. If you’re new to the field of forensic science and want to know more about how to apply forensics to homicide investigations, then starting here is an ideal choice. This book is packed full of practical information and it reads more like a manual than an entertaining book. Even so, people who want more information about forensic science will get a lot out of this. 

Forensic Pathology

This option might not be the most entertaining read, but it is one of the most informative. This is a medical textbook that was written by Vincent J. DiMaio and Dominick DiMaio. It covers a lot of information about topics such as determining the time of death, blunt trauma wounds, and so much more. If you’re looking for good information as someone who is interested in becoming a forensic scientist, then this is a good book to own. 

The Casebook of Forensic Detection

Are you more interested in reading about specific forensic cases? If so, this book by Colin Evans is going to be right up your alley. It delves into details about 100 different investigations and how forensic scientists used their expertise to solve the cases. It’s a very interesting read that just about anyone who likes forensic science will enjoy it. 

Criminalistics: An Introduction to Forensic Science 

One of the most popular and useful books to read is this introduction to forensic science by Richard Saferstein. This goes over a lot of information such as how forensic science is applied to criminal investigations. It goes over things such as forensic science techniques as well as crime laboratory practices. If you want to get a good primer that will allow you to know much more about forensic science, then this is the book for you.